Welcome to Eden Server!

Eden is a level 75 Treasures of Aht Urghan era server that is focused on bringing that team-centric culture back to FFXI. There are some adjustments to quality of life and job balancing but in general things are ToAU era settings. We have working fishing from Setzor himself, gardening and chocobo digging for elemental ores (no workarounds needed!), original dynamis (with moving statues and the hourglass system!), and original level difficulty CoP missions. We develop ourselves as well as frequently import new progress from DSP but we release content when it is balanced/working properly so that new players have the same advantages as veteran players and no matter when you join Eden you'll have a great experience.

Server Information

  • Expansion Era: Treasures of Aht Urghan.
  • EXP Rate: 1x.
  • Fame Rate: 1x.
  • Skillup Rate: 1x.
  • Movement Speed: 40. (era default)
  • HP Warp + Explorer Moogles: Disabled.
  • Level Sync: Enabled.
  • EXP Bands: Original Values.
  • Discord server:
  • Server URL for Windower/Ashita:

History of Eden

Eden was modeled off of the now shut-down Kupo server. As one of its former players I recognized the clever decision by Icon (the owner of KupoFFXI) to only enable content that was working as it should be and running content through strict quality assurance testing before releasing it to the masses, so that way players that join later than others shouldn’t feel cheated that older players were able to take advantage of broken mechanics.

Eden was originally planned to go live in March 2019 after the dev team had adequate time to prepare and quality test everything, however I received news that Kupo was going to shut down and this gave me a couple of decisions to make. The most important was if I should release the server early to allow Kupo players a place to play. And the second was whether to allow Kupo players to maintain their status and ranks, effectively transferring their characters onto Eden.

After conferring with unbiased sources as well as the players themselves; I decided to release Eden early, but in a beta phase—which is what we are currently in. It’s not a beta in the sense that progress will be wiped afterwards. But more so that things may change, some progress may be reverted if it was overpowered, and you will have to work around some bugs. (We did release 6 months ahead of schedule after all.) You're effectively part of a live stress-test of our content as it releases during this beta phase, which is super helpful in ironing out bugs quickly!

I also decided to allow Kupo characters to import their characters. I made this decision for a couple different key reasons. One, because they don’t have a place to turn back to if they decide Eden isn’t right for them since we are effectively the only server aiming to be a Treasures of Aht Urghan era server. Two, because for the most part, there were no handouts or advantages given to Kupo players that new Eden players wouldn’t get since my develpment philosophy was so similar to Kupo's. To put it plainly, Kupo characters had it tough. They had to farm/HELM everything themselves to craft and many times they got their items taken away after hours of labor if Icon determined that the content they used to get it was overpowered or broken. While Eden characters will have it more difficult starting out in a few aspects, Kupo characters had it rougher starting out in most. While we obviously can't travel back in time and change certain aspects about Kupo, we can acknowledge that the playing field between the two eras is pretty consistently difficult and look to the future.

What's different about Eden?

This is not an exhaustive list but here are some things that are different from retail era, or other DSP servers on Eden.

  • Some abilities that SquareEnix changed for balancing reasons have been kept in here. The most obvious example of this is Dragoon having Spirit Surge as its 2 hour ability instead of Call Wyvern. We believe that some of these class changes were long overdue, and as such have decided to keep them around.
  • Fishing is almost 100% like current retail. We have Setzor after all, and we know he's obsessed with fishing!
  • We are the first public North American DSP server with old school gardening. No need for workarounds to get elemental ores here!
  • NMs drop the non-ex version of items and most changes made by SquareEnix to combat RMT do not exist here. This means the relevant BCNMs also don’t contain the non-ex versions.
  • Auto HP isn’t a thing here. Jcmmorris, Atomos, and Wiggo from our development team killed it and sent it to DSP for every server to use.
  • Our community is awesome. We are all very helpful and our players will report cheaters very quickly.
  • CoP missions are original level difficulty. Even though in ToAU era they were eased some this is not the case on Eden. They are hard... but not impossible.
  • Our development team has combined decades of programming experience. And we submit everything to each other for a code reviewing process. We also take advantage of importing new DSP contributions at least monthly.
  • We have admins that actively patrol for cheaters and can assist players that may have gotten stuck somewhere. Please note that these admins have all of their actions logged to prevent abuse and they don’t have elevated permissions to add items, gil, etc. (Only Godmode can use those commands.) The admin GM characters are limited to moving players who are stuck and parsing quest information for players who may think they have encountered a bugged quest. (To make sure the player meets the requirements for the next step of the quest.) Their GM characters are also separate from their normal characters so they can’t warp themselves anywhere or abuse the system.

We hope you will join us and if you have any questions please reach out to us on Discord or in game and we’d love to answer them. Please just respect our players and staff and ask them in a respectful way.